Improve Your Credit Score By:

Making all of your payments on time & in full

Just one missed payment can lower your score significantly

Meet Our Mascot:

Olly the Ostrich!

Olly buries his head in the sand about his finances - DON'T BE LIKE OLLY!

Money Medic can help you:​
Make the most of your money NOW, not just in the future!
Challenge fake / unfair info held on your Credit File, which may be hurting you and your family!
Help you to improve your Credit Score, so you can borrow what you need, at a lower rate!​
Start saving money towards that much needed holiday, or for that new car
Money Medic have already:
Challenged false information on file, and got it removed!!
Saved someone £2,000 of interest!
Helped a client triple their Credit Score, which saved them money!
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Our Promise:

We put YOU first; we never 'up-sell' our services.

Complete transparency; we'll show you where to find the information for FREE! If you still need us; It's a flat hourly rate of £40, charged to the nearest 15 minutes.

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