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Olly the Ostrich

Olly buries his head in the sand about his finances - don't be like Olly!

Get Ready For Our Official Launch!

We can't wait to help you SAVE MONEY, and IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

We Need You!! 
We've already helped our clients:

* Save £2,000 by paying off credit cards in a different order

* Triple their credit score after realising there was misinformation on file (moving from Experian "Very Poor" to "Good")

* Established a personalised plan to start improving current Credit Score, with a view to refinancing at a lower rate, in the near future

Do you know what to do with your Credit Score?

Money Medic can tailor a personalised plan to help:


  • Better understand and manage your finances

  • Understand your credit score and report

  • Improve your borrowing power, and

  • Take back control of your financial health! 

Can't wait until we officially launch to start saving money? 


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