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Welcome to Money Medic: First Aid For Your Finances!
Money Education For Small Business Owners

There's no financial hierarchy in nature; it's like a clash of the titans for survival. Fish get eaten by Seal, Seal gets eaten by Orca. If we treat our finances like this, it's no wonder we become like Ostriches, burying our head in the sand, hoping and praying our troubles will solve themselves; but they don't and they won't!


We have to learn how to work with the exchange and flow of this renewable resource we cannot live without. Money. That's where I come in. I'm here to help you: 

  • Get Out Of Debt 

  • Improve Your Credit Rating 

  • Improve Your Relationship With Money and 

  • Get Your Life Back! 

I'll look forward to working with you!

Sophie Cator

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